Kill The Feminine, so says HE-SATAN

The entire 500 years of European inquisition was an intense, systematic torture, punishment, and attempt to kill the female soul, the very source of life. All of life debased, reduce the human existence to one of guilt, shame, and sin. Anyone with reverence for the origin of Mother was dubbed a problem maker, heretic, and full of satan. The church and its states formulated laws and rules to fight against the evil of women.

One law in 1347 read that, “anyone who questioned or criticized the church or used mans father gods name in vain, was said to be a blasphemer(made up word by church) and they were to be locked away from the moment it occurred, (the blasphemy), until death. There were rules that said that these people could be tied up in the marketplace and anything from mud and excrement to stones could be thrown at them because of their blasphemy and even further the church would make the decision to just simply split the persons’ upper lip so that its openness would reveal their teeth while they stood there and of course bled to death. Blasphemy was taken to many hideous levels of punishment to control the masses of people. The church and its’ Christian right needed inventions of cause in order to carry out the church imposed legal responsibilities. The invention of institutional punishment came to be. So the power mongering, paranoid, patriarchal church and its states under its rule decided to invent a cause, madness, something in the western world we now call severe mental illness.

Well, this so called madness was defined as a spiritual category to speak of what we say in the ancient religion of  The Mother as the ecstatic trance state which women Priestesses and Shamans expressed in what was said to be exotic behaviors. This schizophrenia, or madness, known to be the ecstasy, the trance state, of ones who were Seeress and had psychic power. Psychic power, don’t be afraid of that. Simply, meaning the ability to move in worlds beyond the physical and to return to the physical plane with the knowledge of the experience. In the ancient practices of The Mother, we knew  to simply make this person in the trance state comfortable to protect their body as they journeyed inward for the upliftment of all humankind. All undoubtedly benefitted from the trance state experience from the Seeress.

Mans Religious “soldiers of god” FEARED this ancient practice. In the primal societies there were no crazy people; therefore, in the western Christian society all Paganism is seen to be the practice of madness, deeply  to do with nature, the worship of the primordial essence, and womenkind Herself. Of course an all male in drag institution needing the dominance of patriarchal rule of the church and the state over the psyche, of a  pre-patriarchal culture life was ruled a mistake needing punishment and repression of any said joy to be experienced by overt oppression physically of the fearless ones by example and covert oppression with mind games of tyranny.

Whether it be in the female Priestess, the Seeress for all people, or by the union of two lovers, LIFE is a sin. That’s what we know to be the truth of the patriarch, and we are reminded of our filthy selves by the images of the devil his self squatting and defecating the whole world and its immoral disgusting existence, coming out of his cosmic anus. Surely you have seen the picture, esp. you christian voyeurs who are there reading. God the father along with his chosen ones were here to liberate us from the clutches of The Feminine Power.  We needed to be punished for having allowed ourselves to be led by The Power of Love and Acceptance, of joyful living in peace and harmony. The patriarchy was here to correct the errors of our ways, cleanse our sinful souls and punish us if we did not concede to his will, to be carried out of course by the self righteous divine personally appointed here on earth. This punishment, oh so clear people – they used the very thing we all are about and give, LOVE, for vulnerability is the state of the childlike nature – near death by snipers of man’s childish waring nature.

The wheel of samsara turns The Lite Of Compassion grows Briter as the patriarchal apex continues to collapse and humanity sees The Lies they have lived their lives by. Truth ALWAYS prevails thru none violent tenacity.

WHY do you need to replace a perpetrator\enabler who DECEIVES  you with a symbiotic vessel of darkness?????



Full Moon symbolizes The Mothers’ Left Eye

Symbols were used by the ancients. They are powerful images succored with the human hearts and mind. In the Mother religion, the interconnected-ness of all of Mother’s creation was expressed through plants, animals, all of life.

Klan’s as well as individuals had totems. Totem means related through The Mother, the knowledge that we are not separate from The Mother or any other form of Her creation. The Great Spirit is alive in and through all of life. The Great Mother Herself continuously/simultaneously assuming all shapes and forms. All of life is the rhythmic dance in Her breath.

Did you know that Jesus said, “the whole on high hath part in our dancing. Who danceth not, knoweth not what cometh to pass.” This truth has its origin of words in the ancient pagan sacred cave dances. Did you know that his-story about evolution is not inclusive of evolving spiritually, understanding the true meaning of human existence and an interconnectedness of all cultures, because that is her-story oppressed and requires understanding the nature of humankind. Instead the western Christian patriarchy insists on evolving through technology, through what is called analysis based on man, indoctrined logic, reason, and deduction based on inserted ego and some undeniable facts; or just mere human intellect, repudiation of spiritual truths and let us not forget the process of his conventional mind, called reason/logic for each and every man becoming one now for this moment. Here is the insertion of relevant truth and as a result wala!, we have alienated ourselves from The One, disconnected from the very Source of life. Yet, the rhythmic dance continues, even in our lonely fragmented existence; love, interconnectedness, peace, memory, and vision have all atrophied in the projected confirming vibration of patriarchal religion, especially Roman Christianity, a manmade road of rules.

As long as you continue to follow nose to ass like cattle the linear LIE line of what you are told and you do not question you will remain ignorant by choice. See the documentary EARTHLINGS with your children so they too are educated. These truths were given to the children The Great Spirit intrusted this One with @ every young years. When we crossed the street I held out my finger, impressing in their consciousness hold to The Mother, no one in those cars is watching out 4 U! It only took a moment in time for TRUST is our bond. Teaching them the truth of the human condition, what appears to be authoritative is fear mongers here to oppress your vulnerable view of life yet U must learn to live in this world strengthen the pineal gland be fearless. Know that what U hear in school is NOT the truth, most important NEVER allow anyone to speak to or do to U anything Your Mother has not. Symbolism,nonverbal communication encouraged telapathic  attunement. Experience with severe abuse @ the start of this life by a predator pedophiliac who fathered me and EVIL enabling womb bearing mother symbolizes why I did not allow them to experience the fragile little flowers I was cultivating in this beautiful garden of life. NO contact! This is inclusive of now deceased mother of the predator of a sister and deceased abused brother and husband of the bio-mother. The present wife and sister of the predator, included.

Born fully enlightened, old,tiny, overflowing with Love, unloved, a mother to siblings(they agree.) Caucasians can be slaves too!

This Ones life work has been undoing the fear,confusion and affects of abuse esp. SEXUAL ABUSE of thousands of children,serving to reshape the character of victimized survivors.

An ashram is the place for the feminine reemergence of your true Self, lifting your consciousness, grow\develope study, be safe and abundantly LOVED !


The Whole of patriarchal societies IS EVIL thriving on cannibalizing its Mother by starving Her Children

We each come into the life with particular propensities. These are already set in place, and the environment itself that we are in will serve to either cultivate the bad propensities, or nurture the virtues within.

Siblings are often pitted against one another. Yes, pitted against one another, or one against the other, if you will, giving rise to self-righteous acts and ways of being as they are vying for the grandstand or the parental approval for the winner is awaiting. Can you see it? Have you been in it yourself? Do you remember? If you have children are you a participant in this? How does it occur? Oh, very simply, one child is very academically inclined, the other child is artistic, creative. Perhaps it is the worry of the parents about the artistic child that they will struggle in life. Perhaps it is that they see art to be a pastime. Nevertheless there is the constant expounding of the insignificance of drawing, and painting, and creating, and the constant expounding of the importance to get a good education, be something, be all that you can be, go to school, study hard, rather than seeing each individual and nurturing the good qualities in each and working with, explaining to the child the ways of the world, and the difficulties that they may face, and how perhaps to balance their life. Maybe the very creative child has never heard of being an architect, and they find that in fact that might be an avenue for them and their creativity. Who knows, the point is, that in all of the self-righteousness of the parent they are certain that they know best; and they will stomp out of the child those things that they so self-righteously consider to be worthless. Be careful, be careful.

Friends, friendship is one of if not the most important relationships that we as human beings can have. Relationships of friendship crosses or interweaves in all relationships, from that of Guru and chelea (student), parent and child, those who you spend time with, eat good food with, laugh with. But self-righteousness shows its ugly self even here, you see. Did you know that our time, our precious time here on earth would be best lived, if we lived with the mind and heart of wanting to lift up others, or inspire others, rather than keeping up with or getting ahead of each other. You see what I’m saying? In friendships there is always that self-righteousness of, I am a better friend, I do so much more than they do for me, I give more to the relationship, I’m always the one who calls, who sets up things to do, I have the best advise, I am smarter, I am more balanced in my life, I have more to offer, they should be glad that I want them as my friend, they should be glad that they have me in their circle of friends. Well, each statement carries the weightiness of self-aggrandizement, the I’ness, believing that I, you have so much that another would want that they should be happy to be in their, your presence. Oh, this is very ugly.

Rather, thinking, and therefore acting, in places such as, I’m happy to be the one who found a place where we can go and share a great meal together, and laugh. I am so grateful to have friends that trust me, and want to spend time with me. I hope that I can be such a good friend to them in any way that I can. You see, that’s very different thinking. There is a humbleness to that, that does not come from the statements of, “how lucky they are to have you as a friend.”


Weekly Photo Challenge: Distorted

Looks like the child is being eaten by an alligator. The position of the camera distorted the truth.

No child was harmed in this photo.

Sunday Post: Colorful

This is a photo of a reflection on my kitchen tile every evening. There is a crystal hanging in the window and when the sun goes down the reflection of the rainbow goes to the bottom the counter to the top of my counter top it is so beautiful to watch.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Ready

Ready to pounce!

I was ready on Friday for the theme. But, I’m glad there was a delay. I was finally able to catch this cat. I had seen him/her a few times but was not able to photograph it. I’m glad I waited. I hope you like it. I was so excited to see bob again. ha ha