Signing Out

This is a time for expanse. It is time to come away from this narrow non-productive form of communication. Too many cowardly ones stop in leaving behind their dark gaseous lingerings. The point of this space has always been to educate with TRUTH and feed those whom wish to be fed. It has been clear for some time that feeding the psychopathic hate filled separatists, voyeuristic students of the past, ones of pure ignorance (egoic-prideful) ill willed and curious has darkened the purpose. Just becuz U hide behind the screen and spew hate out into the etheric realm does not stop your prarabdha karma(creating now) coming from the gravity of your kriya mana karma(conscious mindful actions) from  affecting U. It does so FIRST although most are too dense to notice unless you are finally stricken w\ physical misfortune. The sensitive Beings are always aware of the energies most importantly thot forms and must not contribute to any on going negativity.

Love is not the opposite of hate IGNORANCE is!!!

Forgiveness is balanced emotion giving birth to Feeling which is Spiritual Maturity. ONLY then does one KNOW Compassion!

UNITY is REALITY unrecognizable by blinded separatists!         ALL of Life is RELATED & INTERCONNECTED!

Universal Reorientation thru more positive means. We will dance into the Dark Introspective transformative energies of the forth coming Equinoctial New Moon………


Love,Light, Deepest Blessings,

Dr. Shubhrananda Swami



Most Potent Full Moon How intuitively awake are you?

Life has but one purpose for all sentient beings, and that is to live with a deepening of understanding, that each of us is responsible to all of life, and the one purpose that we all share is the same. And that is to transform ourselves through recognizing, and accepting our good, and not so good tendencies, and making right choices that will ultimately serve in the upliftment of human Consciousness. This would mean that we all have to stop hiding behind the veil of ignorance that we cling so desperately to.

The way to remove ignorance is through knowledge. Knowledge helps in the removing of confusions, and misunderstanding, fears, and doubts. Knowledge of The Truth comes through studying, reflecting, and meditation. Studying the teachings of those who have overcome the confusions, and the ignorance of life, and through personal experience. These people have come back to tell us exactly how we can all go about ourselves in right mind.

To center oneself on the spiritual path, and develop spiritual practices that strengthen the mind, and expand the awareness beyond our limited perception is what we need to do. Because most of us live in that realm of distorted perception. We have of course, the lack of clarity, and this comes from that constant duality, the battle within ourselves. It’s not so much that we struggle with what is right but, our struggle, that battle within, has to do with knowing what is right yet, still wanting to cloud that with our own perceptions. In other words, from the ego base of wanting to do things our own way, when in fact there is only One Truth, yet there are many ways that humanity goes about revealing The Truth, or having The Truth revealed.

The human existence is a constant balancing of the good qualities with the negative aspects of ourselves. When I spoke to you earlier of channels being clogged or open, I had spoken about the right and the left. Symbolically, when the right channel is cleared it is done by self-acceptance. And the left channel symbolically, is cleared by the penetration of our dream state, or dream bardo. To remove these imbalances that I’m speaking to you of we do not simply erase them or forget about them, for all impressions remain until they are balanced. So, for an imbalance to be removed so to speak, we must first embrace that and then transform it. We must be willing or must take the responsibility to examine who and what we are, our motives, our intent, and our actions, our thoughts that lead to actions and the effects of those actions. It’s not so much what we do in life, but more how we go about ourselves.

Womb-born beings are the manifestation of previous thoughts and actions overtime. There are many, many things that occur in a person’s lifetime that they do not consciously remember, yet every action is a reaction to one’s previous experiences, thoughts, and actions.

A main point throughout this teaching that I will say to you now, is that it is very important for all human beings to stop trying to be perfect, you see that’s important. It’s not so much trying to do everything perfectly, but it’s more about self-acceptance. Coming to grips with our own ugliness, so to speak. And keeping at the forefront in our consciousness, all the good that we have done.


Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse Power of the HEART\MIND beyond beliefs of logic\reason

I would like us now to just try to understand ourselves as we are, and that we are understood to be womb-born beings. Womb-born beings meaning, that the human body is, at the subtle level, composed of chakras, and channels. The channels are the specific ones that I’ve mentioned, ida, pingala, and sushumna. Those are the key channels, and then there are thousands of others, seventy-two thousand or more that we are made up of.

Now, the right hand, if you will or the right side, of our being is composed of earth, water, fire, and what we call drops or ductless glands secretions. And the left being composed of wind or prana, and the nadis.

I had mentioned that the makeup or the composition of one’s own body is what reveals the pattern of decomposition at the time of death.

The other key points of the body are the chakras, which are on the spine or placed along the spine. Beginning at the base of the spine and moving up, these are wheels, we refer to them as. And then there are further chakras below the base of the spine, and above the head. But these we won’t concern ourselves with so much in this teaching.

Now, these channels are important, because each action that we perform opens or closes certain channels. And the quality of one’s death experience is directly related to which of these channels are open or closed. Remember, our Consciousness functions through these channels. These channels that I speak to you of being either clogged or open are very important, because if the channels are closed it is by our perceptions, our emotions, and memories that this occurs. Remember, we’ve spoken about balance and imbalance, and this is where we really need to focus our attention, and that is to unclog the channels within us by balancing the emotions, the perceptions, and the memories, bringing clarity to ourselves, and therefore, giving us clarity about life, and dying, and rebirth.

Life always raises many questions in most of our minds, especially for those of western mind. Again, I bring to you the one particular question, which is, what is the purpose of life? More specifically, what is the purpose of my life? That’s what people want to know, and people ask this question believing that there is one reason that they were born. Thinking that there is some main task that one has to achieve, or accomplish, and that this one thing is what will set them aside from others, and insure their underlying fame, if you will, at some level. So, most people are very concerned with that task, being something that will ensure that their face and name will live on somehow in the boasting of some unprecedented accomplishment in all of humanity. Most people want to be held up in high esteem. This is a prideful state of thinking. I did mention samsara, remember, that being the wheel of birth, death, and rebirth, or the cyclic existence.

Ordinary human beings are plagued with confusion. This confusion is due to the dualities within themselves in their perceptions, emotions, and memories. People suffer with the badgering of conflicting emotions, such as pride, and jealousy, anger, desire, and envy. The ordinary mind is weakened by these confusions, and flooding disturbing emotions. Therefore, the perpetuation of distortion, human evil, ones feelings and fears of the challenge of wrestling with impermanence, or inevitable change takes one far from Ultimate Truth. And most will retreat back into a state of ignorance, which is more a familiar realm of perceived bliss, for one cannot be held accountable for what one does not know, or so we love to delude ourselves into believing. However, samsara is the place for accountability, accountability of our choices. And human beings suffer in coming to terms, or grips with their responsibility, and accountability in life.

Higher Truth changes perceptions of REALITY

Lite and Love, Shubhranandaswami Psy.D.

Evil aims to Kill, to Kill Love and Truth

For every individual to understand apathy and the me, mine, narcissistic pathology to be the root of all suffering is my hope. For each individual to know the Truth of human evil would also require the knowledge of the sacredness of human life. This proposal is of course fear provoking in itself, for to actually recognize, accept and resist evil through knowledge gained and personal experience truly presents a danger to your individual psyche and therefore, is a huge threat to group evil maintenance.

The dangers of not knowing the Truth are far greater than knowing that you are in grave danger of remaining in ignorance, if you remain ignorant as to the presence of evil, that would seem like a far more threatening problem. You cannot conquer what you refuse to see as the enemy of your birthrite, happiness. Yet, I tell you to arm oneself in Truth with the most sincere love is surely to cause the spirit of evil to rear its ugly head with an even greater intensity.

Remember, those who are evil will not admit to their own imperfections. Therefore, they must project all imperfections outside of themselves onto others. The evil person is equipped with the knowledge of human weakness remember, for weapons in waging war against Truth. Evil aims to kill, to kill Love and Truth and will stop at nothing and will not give up or give in.

It distorts the principles at the foundation of every Strength. Do you understand that? Legion/evil are synonymous, with great success, right up until this very second and it will continue on. It convinces with ease the individual and group mind and heart that they are acting in righteous judgment, all the while set out to destroy the lives’ of others. That’s the hideous reality of it all. They have the power, to the degree unless of course, a more evil individual happens along, so to speak, and proceeds to toy with their, “their” meaning, the psychiatrists, the psychologists, self-righteousness as a client, I’m speaking of. The lackadaisical facade of being all knowledgeable is quite appealing to one who is masquerading as being in need of a little counsel. I think sometimes we get too comfortable hiding behind a piece of paper and a desk, this is unfortunate. So much for the “mental health system.”

Are YOU Aware of YOUR taskmasters???!!! Ego is the gate keeper…Are You Aware of that which is coming and going thru YOUR gate???!!!….

In Love and Truth, Task Master of Lite in this ocean of unconscious chaos

Human Beings are severely limited in knowledge that is based in logic and reason

Together over these past few weeks we have explored evil from many angles and in it’s many aspects, individuals, parents, children, groups, leaders, followers in its’ opposite, good. I have mentioned karma, genetics, laziness, narcissism, fear, religion and a key point, self-denial of any imperfections. I have tried to offer you clarity through example. It is only through wisdom, and knowledge that some have beyond human consciousness.

You are severely limited in knowledge that is based in logic and reason. If you go on in your belief of what is the current norm then you are bound by the process of following relative truth based in mans bias of scientific logic and reason.

What about intuition? What about feelings? What about love? What about evil? If we live by majority rule, we cannot be living in truth only relevant truth. Relevant we deem, because only they have the knowledge to proclaim the end result based on their limited analysis and conclusion. Do you see what I am saying? We leave it all up to them, those who are scientists, those whom are the scholarly ones who have all the grossly limited deductions, along with a common recipe for ALL. The ability to philosophise, to go beyond your limitations of perception.

I caution you as a student of this teaching be careful of your judgment, or there by lack of, being judgmental, simply based on what you have learned here. A little knowledge can be more harmful and do more damage than good, if ones’ focus is completely strictly evil bound, you see.

The next time you are interacting w\ another notice how often your mind races to your mental files while the person continues to speak w\ you, their voice in the distance as you formulate your answer before the one speaking has finished. Conscious Awareness, Compassion, Listening beyond hearing words, this is amrit to the human Spirit. The flow of light is a reciprocity, rejuvinating the mala of consciousness; everyone benefits.

May You Resonate in Love,    Satya Maa

In children, indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice

Indifference is quickly becoming the path of choice. It has been for quite some time, just look at our own children and how they are handling life and their surroundings. Adapting to indifference while still fighting the pain of its’ evil reality all around them.

The children do suffer to the depths of self-mutilation trying to find their soul, trying to feel, to express, if you really pay attention. You will find that what they do create is the expression of evil coursing through their little veins.

They are reminded daily that they must fit in with the norm. Do good in school that’s the number one rule. Just shut up and follow the rules. Go to college; get a job with a good company and oh yes, most importantly, do not think for yourself. Parents will out right refuse to pay for college if the child wants to be say, be an artist or a musician because that is not a profession that will actually earn a living, according to many.

I have sat with these parents and these children and entire families where the refusal to help with the college endeavor was yanked out away from the child where it once was in full tact. But, the child’s choice of what to study did not align with what the parents want and after all it is their money.

Are we to give up hope, then in that case and accept doom as the reality or are we to change our values and teach the truth?  What if we were to teach acceptance and love by giving children classes in school, beginning from grade school all the way up, on different societies, cultures and religions in their truth. Why not teach them the very nature of evil, it’s psychology, how it works and how to prevent the disease from infecting them. Or if in fact that has already occurred giving them measures to eradicate it from their own self. For that matter adults would greatly benefit from such teachings as well.

2013 UPDATE: In order to give the children of sight the advantage of further teachings to include that which is required of the state to “graduate” the institution of public school enhanced in their intelligence rather than repress them, confine them in tradition you would save an other wise secluded, or suicidal demand sure to end in a misinformed moment of life and death decision. If so called “loved ones” do not support the idealistic child they will perish in silence till’… or arrive @ their station in this life to serve humanity in their plight to remembre  KARMA!

“Working Class Hero” by John Lennon  speaks directly of the oppressive reality of children in America, remember? feel that memory? The mental\emotional states you adapted to helped shape your character along w\ the collective consciousness you were influenced by and what you did or not with such.

The child sees you no matter your self delusional force of conversion! …   THE ONE


You do understand that all I am saying applies to the majority of human beings with regard to evil. It is not at all about each and every ordinary human being, that’s what I’m trying to get across to you here. There are those who are unafraid of unveiling the truth, be what it may. Therefore, they are very aware of any ensuing consequences of being singled out, for they have personally initiated the process you realize, by staying out of the circle of evil.

I ask you, how are the examples given any different from what Hitler did to the masses of Jews; I agree, the afore mentioned examples are seemingly on a much smaller scale but, nonetheless evil, this is my point.

Two sayings that are often used during my counsel with people often come up when discussing such things. I am careful in discussing evil with many human being because, for the most part most people are not prepared to even think about, let alone discuss it. One saying is something to do with, ” having your own agenda” and the other “having too much on my plate.” Now, these sayings produce somewhat cringing reflex in my whole being and my throat wants to close and this is because they reek, reek of laziness, inertia and narcissism. It leaves a person with plenty of room for an out; I wasn’t involved so how could I possibly know; it’s not my job, I’m only the little guy, I have no power to make decisions.

Now, I know better than anyone the absolute awareness of my childlike idealism. I brought it with me into this life and it has served me well and it will always be. And, I have been warned about my idealistic ways and many situations namely doctors in the clinical field of psychology and I have received very stiff consequences for it.

Numerous attempts to squash it, kill it, have not succeeded. If we’re punished harshly enough we may choose to see things differently, which of course, as we’re told will make our life a lot better, a lot easier, so why fight it. Well, of course, these consequences for refusing to go along with the collective norm, evil, plane and simple are confining.

I do Accept WILLING female students, perhaps we’ll meet in my travels teaching, or you will contact This One when you choose. You are @ least worthy to know of the matrifocal hidden studies since you live the patriarchal hell! Peace is in the BALANCE!!!



What is it that happens when you feel lesser than? What is it that you are likely to do or not do? I would say even the sheepherder, so to speak, at this point will accept responsibility but, not completely. They will not decline their responsibility but, not completely. They will not decline their leadership and therefore, stake themselves as followers but, instead they may deflect their responsibility as a leader upon one they would call the ultimate leader or the one who’s directly the responsible entity.

Remember, evil is the unwillingness to acknowledge our own wrong doing, self-deceit. It is a willingness to plunge willingly into conforming to the mass mind of evils intent, even when someone in the collect group dies or moves on there is always another warm body willing to bring its willful power forward waiting for the opportunity to unleash that power. This is how the spirit of evil is kept alive.

I mentioned that human beings have a driving need to be needed and further they can be quite demanding in their usefulness and even more demanding that, that usefulness be accepted by others. Human beings want to prove their worth, this of course is an abundance of pride and pride is useful to evil.

Most human beings want to be remembered for something after all what better than to go down in history as having been a powerful leader of some group even the followers will feel a great sense of significance in that they followed a particular leader. For what they would term as a good cause, however, I find it interesting that Jesus was considered a martyr and yet the leading man in the christian organization, Jesus was in direct opposition to the forces of evil. He was in direct opposition to evil human beings. Therefore, it was evil in mass mind that needed him murdered because fear made it impossible to live, live in his leadership, do you understand? This fear is the pervasive factor in all conforming. He was a light shining the Truth in the conversional forces of mans karmic proclivities. The FEAR you have been taught is not of a Being of Love and Truth but, MAN  “playing A stage\station” not of their consciousness. So, disruptive of the law of karma chaos ensues pride, hate, greed, anger, vanity, self  righteous… Jesus had NO religion, He walked the path of all the ancient Truth he was awakened to in his time of  journey with the Wisdom Keepers.

Since there are SO MANY “chakra  in the bible seekers” combing these teachings remember, unless you have knowledge that there is much misinformation in mans revisions’ lest you understand there are NUMEROUS books you are not privy to and the LIE owns you your frustration and need to be rite will consume you. The Seven Seals in Revelations is a perfect example of that which you seek to deny! Indulge your mind a little… This One is aware that your use of these teachings is how you thwart the Truth and go out into the world wearing your various masks of deception to APPEAR to be “new age-ish” while building your MEGA HOUSES OF IGNORANT NEEDY FOLLOWERS INCLUSIVE OF HELL HOUSE, creationist theory, all for your mantra the all mighty $$$$$$$ 


NAMASTE’ The Motherhood of god

What is Vedic Astrology?

Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish (joe-teesh), is quite different from what you may be familiar with as astrology. For starters it is what we call sidereal where “western” astrology is based on tropical calculations. The same basic birth data is used but may produce a new configuration of ascendant, sun and moon signs. Further, prominence is placed first on the ascendant sign, then the moon, and lastly, the sun sign of the individual.

The basic philosophy for the use of Jyotish is that as children of  THE SAME SOURCE, we are being nurtured through a large set of lessons. This journey may take us several lifetimes, but as always, its goal is our spiritual growth and development.

We look to astrological charts as a means of understanding our basic blueprint on this journey. The combination of our signs, planets, houses and a vast array of additional calculations can give us a much broader and more comprehensive understanding of ourselves.

We wouldn’t operate a complicated piece of machinery knowing nothing of its basic controls or functions. We wouldn’t ski blindfolded down the side of a mountain knowing nothing of what lies in our path. Similarly, why should we travel our lifes’ path without the understanding of Self \self available through Jyotish.

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.

Evil seeks out immaturity AKA Spiritual Poverity – Age NOT included

Group narcissism and immaturity is highly volatile in the individuals standpoint, if not outgrown so to speak by the age of five up, and up until about seven. Then we will go on in search of ones’ with similar tendencies and form small groups, little clicks, larger scales, we form organizations, coalitions, all out of fear and the need for power. This power, of course, is to have I’ness in a group way. There is of course no other way, further it seeks to be right which means, humans cold hearted\ignorant minded are not sensitive to the needs thoughts, beliefs, feelings of any other. Could this be why you are blinded and so jaded to those who show us truth and love as the only way? Your wilfulness so entrenched, must therefore annihilate anyone or thing other than that which moves in the course of its’ own direction. Is this then predicated on feeling threatened, fearful of annihilation even as a group? Do we revert to survival of the fittest? In this example, we would say well there is hundreds of us and only one of you so that one, you, has to go, because you threaten the otherwise, us.

Evil seeks out immaturity, because immature people are perfect incubators for evils’ evolution to power over all else. A healthy human being is mature in that it recognizes right and wrong and weighs in thought and action the consequences and rewards, so to speak. SPIRITUAL POVERTY=IMMATURITY\IGNORANT
Most people find it perfectly acceptable, even worse right, to throw a small child into a large body of deep water and watch them sink of course forcing them to swim or drown, fight for their survival. Many people find it even humorous; I say it’s sadistic and maddeningly cruel. Trust is broken in that child’s heart right then and there. It is your fears that allow you to be so insensitive as to project your feelings of perceived or real threats onto them, so you throw them in, they pop up you say sink or swim, which is how YOU feel but you force them to act out your fears. Can you see what I am saying? If they fail then you demean them. If they succeed, in sheer terror of course, you still demean them, mixing in of course a little sarcasm. YOU have terrified them into losing trust. Sort of the old adage it’s a jungle out there, grow up and grow up fast. I won’t always be here to protect you. Well, needless to say this lesson need be done at a more mature stage in their life. As well as through any other means except inducing terror.

Adults take great pride in using certain birds and animals as target practice with their new gun, after all, some animals are over populated and there is no harm in keeping the population under control with a little target practice, Matricide\children, human collateral damage included. Besides its good food, either for us or other animals, no one will really miss them, well of course except the momma and the papa bird. Some consider this type of genocide good, good population control. Some find this maddeningly, maddeningly sadistic. If a young boy is given a BB gun for a present and shoots an animal, the adult will surely say, well he’s just sowing his wild oats or some stupid cliché an excuse like that. And we tell him to simply be careful that he doesn’t hurt himself or his friends, after all lawsuits and everything this can be a bother.

A sadistic father took great pleasure in telling This One how he was teaching a toddler how to shoot squirrls. This precious boy I know. Now, many moons later a young, once sensitive, abused child questions, ” Why was I made so SMALL and MEAN???!!!” Need you ponder the destiny of this reality? W\O positive impressions of his Heart\mind to neutralize\balance the earlier devolvement of his Spirit saturated in the darkness\ignorance it is obvious to the most casual observer the potential outlets to release the oppressed pain which anger supresses until……………

Be The Example of HOW NOT to BE, YOU can transcend the abusive past if YOU so choose     SO BE IT!