Returning to a time of pre-patriarchal rule is inevitable for the preservation of Spirit

Imagine, returning to a time of pre-patriarchal rule, a universal perception of Goddess The Mother who is both feminine and masculine, bisexual, two spirit if you will, in spirit and practice, or as simply truth, none sexual or filled with imagination, sensuality only to be creatively expressed through the act of sexual union.

The Mother whom desires and encourages Her child to experience and express ecstasy and to partake of the fruit of immortality, no guilt, no shame, no paranoia, no hatred, no sin, no genocide, no hell on earth, ONLY LOVE! True celebration of spirit, imagine if our lives were lived in the same inspiration and fervor of a crowded football stadium. What? TOO IDEALISTIC you say for your rigid-frigid ego self.. YOU pride monger YOU!

It just comes to me that in the ancient religion of The Mother, all of life was built around the center, the heart, that being The Mother Herself. Where have we gone, what have we done? We put so much of ourselves into idolizing, which is supposedly not allowed in the patriarchal religions, idolizing men, football players, baseball players, soccer players, political rulers, you see?       We have come so far away from life lived in love.



Our original commitment

I would say to you, that commitment is so distorted at this point I do not know if humanity can ever commit to trusting that love is the key, the key ingredient to any sound foundation, and Truth is the answer, the glue that sustains all the growths from that foundation, all that grows forth directly from that foundation. Even if we don’t like the Truth, it is the Truth that makes us free to expand to grow in our mind, our consciousness, our love. And from that expansion we inherently remember the path, faith. Faith is like the dotted lined blueprint of the vow we made long ago. It seems so far away in some distant past. So far, that we cannot commit, because our lazy mindedness has cost us our very freedom. Our freedom is the sustenance of the original foundation, primordial energy Herself. We are a reflection of an idea of The Goddess. Our sustenance is weakened by our lack of commitment to remember, to remember our inner perfection. The less we commit to God The Mother, and the more we commit to the ego self, the easier we lose our foothold on our foundation. The greater the loss of our foundation, the tighter the binds of diminishing freedom become until we choke to death on our own ignorance. Ideally, we return to the bliss of Her omnipresence, and that is the original commitment.

The Great Cosmic Mother said, “Child I send forth my breath to give life to the idea of the many children, who are tiny vibrations, with the spark of my love deep within their hearts, so they may light up all universes throughout all time. And each with the help of the other, like tiny fireflies, will come together in the light of My love, and return to the sanctuary of the causal world where there is no-thing. Remember, that spark of commitment that burns forever in you, for it is I in you, and you are ever in me. We are the indestructible vow, for we are One.”

So you see, precious ones, Her presence is everywhere. She is committed, anywhere you look. We are committed to Her, no matter how you choose to view it. If we are intelligent enough to know we are dependent on Her, then we are free. Free to trust in Her commitment, and free to renounce our binds of ignorance, and commit to Her in every way. Perhaps, you may term that as faith. It’s more than a belief, it’s deeper than the human concept of trust. It is the feeling of pure perception. It is freedom. In this life the knower can be known. Commit.

Perhaps you will use this to expand your awareness, to deepen and strengthen your understanding of the inner vow that burns ever inside of you, to find your way home, to commit to doing what must be done. Give back to life in any and every way that we can, to remain committed to our place in the circle of life.

My deepest blessings are with you. In love and in service, I offer all that I am, all that I have to give from this vessel. It is Her words, it is Her that we commit to. May we nurture the flame of everlasting Love and Truth within ourselves that we may be a light of refuge to those who seek to commit, to follow the everlasting vow that we carry with us lifetime after lifetime. May I be of the highest service to you always. My deepest respect for your walk in your spiritual journey.