Where is our LOVE?

Second part of satsang on the topic of love. What are feelings? Where do feeling fit in with love? Where do facts fit in with love? NOT all facts are based on truth. What are the mail boxes in your life? How many time in a day do you use logic and reason without love?


Awaken the Energy of Your Chakric Tree


Euphoria is of a false nature.

Only happiness can be true. The less euphoria the more balanced we are. We have to accept each other. You have to accept that there are beings of many ways. But, we don’t have to accept evil or the darkness of the world.



Understanding your instinct, you become wiser.

We are spiritual beings living out a human existence. We need the balance of Mother and Father. We are too separate from one another. We have been mislead  by the masculine energies and it’s power has over taken our ability to feel. The cosmic energy of fear is strong right now. Do you have the strength to surrender. Come to know your ego.



 ” If we are to reach real peace in this world and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children; and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won’t have to struggle; we won’t have to pass fruitless idle resolutions, but we shall go from love to love and peace to peace until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which consciously or unconsciously the whole world is hungering.”
Gandhiji, Nov 19th, 1931.

Love is the Key
Truth is the Answer
Faith is the Path

The key of Love sits on the throne of everyones heart waiting for the mind to attach to its beauty and constant presence.

When we concentrate and introspect on our perceptions and make room to contemplate life for other human beings whom we are unfamiliar with, we expand our awareness. From this contemplation we can begin to meditate on the interrelationship of all humanity, all of life, the One Presence in all expressed in so many different forms, religions, life styles, philosophies, political views etc… In meditation the mind is centered and focused, one is able to understand the different expressions of the One, the differences are accepted because ones knowledge is that the manifestations of the One are limitless. The answer to all aversion is truth—the truth is felt and perceived through meditation—the truth being human beings individually and collectively differ greatly, but the differences need not pose intimidation to ones personal realm or worldly existence, the only path for us all to follow inwardly is that of love and devotion.

Inevitable change, means unavoidable, karmically subjective this is the time to renounce all anger, hatred and resentment with individuals and groups of people here, there, and everywhere. With a calm mind reach into your heart ready to receive the Love of The Great Cosmic Mother of God, the key, the answer and the path.

Do not fear The Great Mother
Fear not knowing The Great Mother

The Great Cosmic Mother of God is not the cause of war and the suffering of humanity. Its your ignorance of  mans’ god that gives birth to the evils of mind and belief that your acts of violence are justified by your perceptions of  your gods will. Each individual and collective religious and political view is thought to be the right one therefore, all opposing views are wrong and should be punished.

Consider the literal words in the bible that mans’ god is not a loving God and all the patriarchal gods’ children are not spiritually equal. Listen to your soul, for the children are listening and watching us all as to how to resolve conflicts and differences. Better to teach them how to have a loving response to each other and all differences rather than a fear reaction of violence based in intimidation and war.

The only battle worth fighting is the battle within against hatred and the desire to destroy each other because you express yourselves differently.

Dictators rule through coercion and physical force. Leaders lead with love which by nature is all accepting and inclusive.

 Blessed Be everyone and everything
Prem and deepest Shanti,

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
January 2002


We fight for it and we struggle against it! We speak of having and wanting what we call unconditional love, but we do this according to our expectations of how to love and how we believe we should be loved. Human beings therefore determine love by their concepts of what unconditional love is. Therefore, we experience many variations of the One Love which is difficult if not impossible to limit by definition. Love, in and of itself, has no boundaries. Love is beyond all concepts of logic and reason.

Mankind has filtered and divided love into categories of acceptance-conditions, levels and degrees according to who, what, when, where and how much or how little. This is segregation. This segregation is found in the collective consciousness of various groups and is based on prejudices, judgementalness, basically a lack of knowledge of Love Itself. Loyalty is a big part in this separation of us and them. We divide Love through religions, societies, cultures, races, color, governments, neighborhoods, sexes, sexual preferences, money, family ties, and friends.

In Bhakti Yoga one invites The Lite of Love into ones heart through Compassion and Devotion to all of life in all beings. A Bhakta strives to release themselves from the binds of ego attachments and aversions, knowing that Love is present to some degree in everyone of The Great Mothers’ creatures. True Love lies deeply buried in the memory of all beings only distorted by egos dominant forces of separation. No matter how ego may limit or distort Love—all Love is essentially Divine. When human beings speak of Love more often they refer to the consequences of Love between two people. We have so conditioned Love by the worlds view of Love that we seem to prefer the sufferings of Loving such as demands, expectations, jealousy and possessiveness, so we feel pain and are able to enjoy short intervals of what we call love. In this illusive refuge we call happiness, we emote about our relationships of love and look forward to more consequences so as to be reminded of how love is suffering. But somehow worth the long term pain for the momentary pleasure. A true illness turns to dis-ease not addressed as such in mans medicine or psychology.

If we would take the time to not view love coming from external objects and focus on the Love within us we would see the capacity to love free from desire and pain is infinite. Love free from any attachment and aversion is Pure Bhakti—Divine Love.

True Love is Total Acceptance. Tolerance is far from the right direction, for it still denotes a sense of separateness. Only ignorance distorts The True Love.

Imagine, being in Love with Love. No objects involved. Imagine, the knot in your heart loosened and all doubts and fears cease to exist. Imagine, then the full capacity of the Love in your heart flowing forth without obstruction, without cause without desire; no need to identify with any particular form to define its presence. Completely intoxicated in Love, we would be unable to separate the flow of Love from our heart. We would not be bound by any law or code of morals or ethics to predetermine the outpouring of Love. This is called Motiveless Love.

Motiveless Love is found in the Guru Disciple relationship. This has been expounded upon by many a devotee who have experienced this Love first hand. Devotees have said to me many times, “but how can you love me when I continue to do wrong things. I cannot love you back the same way. I am filled with desires. I don’t know if I can be a good Bhakta.” Even some come to me and say, “but I am a christian or Muslim and not of the Yogic Path.” True Love makes no distinctions, everyone is suffering in the causes and effects of many lifetimes. There is always Love in a persons heart waiting to be unleashed from the binds of karma. If you want to be free from the quagmire of avidya—ignorance, come to know through experience the unbridled Love flowing from This heart to yours. Allow the cooling waters of Motiveless Love to wash over the walls of human passion around your heart and merge in the stillness of compassion.

I noticed with the events of  9/11/2001, the huge up surging of “God Bless America” flags and “United we stand and divided we fall” slogans. I always find these things interesting for we are a nation with many divisions, far from UNITED. Love is broken down into prejudicial loyalties based greatly on religions and politics. I mentioned to one of my disciples, if Americans believe themselves to be the all accepting melting pot, inclusive of all peoples and philosophies, and freedom is the motto; why do we not say “Great Spirit Bless Everyone?” Why not pour Love out in all directions to all beings. With some humor I asked if a slogan including many flags could be created. Out of Love she created this beautiful piece of art! Not every countries flags would fit, but the idea of loving the whole of humanity inclusive of all diversity is conveyed.

Learn to love freely. Have faith that it is possible. Practice Acceptance. We are all a part of The One Love.
Goddess Bless Everyone


Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
July 2002

(2013) the new pope carries the lineage of torture\abuse-specifically SEXUAL ABUSE to include HIS OWN heinous acts overtly committed covertly kept. Awareness in the collective consciousness is present; Acknowledgement is blinded by aversion to TRUTH for ACCEPTANCE requires removal of the veil of ignorance “ENTREING THE DARK NITE OF THE SOUL” and listening to the WISDOM of  THE FEMININE, THE SERPENT, LOVE-KNOWLEDGE-TRANSENDANCE, ADMITTING “taking a feminine name means nothing w\o the NATURE of HER ESSENCE manifest.”

Reflect(tarka) on the this eclipsed full moon Meditate on LOVE; releasing expectations, accepting realizations; fill your heart-empty your mind offering the Love of The Mother to all Life in kind!


December 24 Evening Meditation 2000

As we come together this very evening may it be in the light of truth and love. And though this may not be the very evening that the Jesus child choose to come upon the earth, it is the very evening that he is recognized. As a prophet, as a Guru, as one who came to speak the Word. And the Word is Spirit. And Spirit is the whole purpose of human existence. It is She that we are made in the image of. We are the vessel that houses the soul and the soul is but that small drop in the vast ocean of goodness and light. And we are that, and I never want you to forget that. And so may it be that we gather in the light and the love of all the ancestors and all the lite bearers, who bless us again and again by returning to the earth to bring us home, to remind us of our true divinity. And even though you may find yourself chronologically old, you are still and always will be a child of The Mother. We all are.
There is not just one son of the Cosmos, but in fact we are daughters and sons of Cosmic light, and may we never forget that. Some of us are very blessed to have the karmas to call, and call, and call upon our Guru in this lifetime until we pull ourselves into the realm, into the energies of That One. You see what I want you to remember is that Jesus didn’t even know his own purpose, until he was baptized(lit the flame of site) by his own Guru, John the Baptist. And once that occurred he remembered, I am here to be and may I do exactly as the Mother\father would have me do, as the Mother would want me to do. And that is the same for all of us. And may you always remember that, we’re all one.
So as you pull that energy inward, turning away from the worldly existence together right now. May the flame of Truth be ignited very brightly in yourself. May the mantra of compassion turn within your heart, spinning outward to all sentient beings, that all beings will benefit from our being together right now in the name of Love, Compassion, Truth and Light.
Very powerful forces stir within the universe and time and space right now. And you, each of you, as we all are a part of the universe. We all are tiny universes, and we are affected by the movement of the energies in the outward plane, and it is the outward planes that are affected by the movement of the energies of our own consciousness.
We are the only conscious beings, always remember that. We as human beings are the only ones capable of truly understanding love, and what that really means. Love at its deepest level. To love requires that our heart be purified, to truly love.

To have faith in yourself and in one another requires that you purify your heart. So that’s a prerequisite, that’s what I’m saying, to truly feeling, knowing, understanding, and experiencing love, purifying your heart.
Faith is not something that you can learn from anywhere other than having a pure heart. That requires that we be vulnerable to all aspects of life. That we not only tolerate one another, and each others’ thoughts, and ways of being, but that we Accept it, acceptance of each other. And in reality is that we might see that life itself is absolutely, absolutely beautiful, beyond the illusion that we place life. There are no Incarnations that return to this earth to preach any particular religion, or to teach any religious goal other than the Truth. Always remember that.
If anyone tries to convert you and your soul in any direction and it does not feel right to you, turn away. Spiritual is not a conversional force. Love is not a conversional force. Love is the very essence of life.
Since we have been chanting for sometime, I was hoping perhaps we could possibly share in a song together. And I happen to know that there is one there, oh I believe his name is Nirodha, and he knows this one very well. And so if you will join in with me, and I will do my best from this far away to share with you, and I want you with all of your whole self, all the light within your heart, to chant with me.

Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now I’m found was blind but now I see. Was grace that taught my heart to fear (ignorance) and grace my fears relieved.
How precious did that grace appear the hour I first believed.(in yourself)
When we’ve been there ten-thousand year bright shining as the sun.
When on this day to sing of praise than when we’ve first begun. (slight word differentiation)

We all struggle with that blindness, some people more than others. Just remember that blind is centered with the earth. Just a veil, maya Herself, at Her best. And we all have the ability to overcome that blindness, all of us. So as you sit there in that asan may you soak in the grace of  birth. May you absorb the blessings of Guru. May we honor together just in this evening the One in which name so many at its lowest point, always sends The Self out in whatever form it is that group gather, honor that Jesus child.
And it happens to be at this point in Kali Yuga that many of us need the Mother, we need Her. We need her love, we need her arms, we need to know that we can give birth to the Goddess\Godlike Self within ourselves. We need to remember that it’s possible and none of us are exempt. There are many things that are said about this time of year, a lot is said about the giving, and receiving materialism, capitalism, and all the things that we hear and see, but I ask you to step away from that with me right now. And I ask you to look within your own self. I ask you to question, what truly is it in my little self, in my tiny universe, that I have to offer to humanity, to life? Well, I as the Mother will ask you, please don’t make it too hard on yourself. Don’t search and don’t think, just pull out the love within yourself. When we have stopped speaking together this evening don’t forget to share the compassion with the person next to you, and behind you, and in front of you, truly share it, mean it.
Well, I always ask you to remember that, you must always think that, “Well tomorrow may never come.” Now, that may sound very disturbing to you. But it always helps us to not take the day for granted, instead to very much regard the preciousness of life right now.
A precious child shared with you Her innermost Self. And you are too a child within yourself. Will you share that with someone else? Don’t buy them something. Write them a poem, draw them a picture, put your arm around them, pinch their cheek. It matters. And as you sit there with your sweet little eyes closed, focusing all your energy on your heart, know from this many miles away I send you my deepest love and blessings. May you not keep it all to yourself, but will you share it with others.
Life isn’t about what we can get, life is about what you can give. Because to tell you the truth child you have every thing you need. And from all that you have, what are you going to give? It’s about karma, you know, it’s about Bhakti. It’s about the highest Bhakti, Prem. Let no person be a stranger, let no person be an enemy. And although not everyone can be our brothers and sisters, we are all, all of us, all of life, is interconnected, at some level. We must all take care of each other.
And so as you sit there again, with your spine straight in your centered self, focusing all that energy in the heart and using the Ajna chakra to visualize your highest ideal, I ask you to allow the prana deeply within all of life to flow through you and out of you, and connect it with the person next to you, across from you, in front of you, outside of the shrine room. And right now I ask you in your own self would you please take the time to connect with a person that you would least expect yourself to, and right now please take the time within your own tiny universe in yourself, to say to them something with meaning. Whether you actually ever see that person or ever have the opportunity to say it, whatever it is. Let it be something with compassion. Be at the level as you would want them to be with you. How would one do that, another person to be with you.
I sat with many people last week here, and we spoke of many deep truths about life. There were many questions, and something very important impressed
upon them is, this is life and it is not a game. But it is a precious moment, a moment in time. And you must not waste one precious ounce of it. Every thought, every breath counts. Not really anything to do with your next life. No we don’t, we don’t want to live the life, “well next time”, because everything we do, and think, and say, and want in this life, right now determines everything about your life a few seconds from now. So whether you are ten years old, or twelve, or fifteen, or twenty-two, or forty-six, or fifty-five, or sixty-nine, it doesn’t matter, what matters is right now.

There are those of us who are very familiar with the many times that we have come and gone. That doesn’t make us anything special let me tell you. But what it does, it allows us to have that great compassion for the causes of suffering. And it allows us to have that great compassion for the suffering itself. It allows us to be the example of how we can remove ourselves, not only from the suffering, but to never take on the cause of another suffering. We have teachers in life that are willing to take us through that path. And if we should ever come across That person, That being, That lite of Truth could tell them how to go about themselves, show them the ways, but not everyone is willing to know the true causes of suffering. Not everyone is willing to go through the suffering to teach others, not everyone is willing. And so he took that few chosen ones and he taught them on the Sermon on the Mount. There were a great deal of people who were given many truths, just as we are this day right now on December 24, 2000. Many of us are shown and told many truths, may we take in such truths. May we love the vessel that houses wherever it comes from. But most importantly, may we love the teaching itself. Right now as this Guru loves you, I feel the softness in your heart, I feel the softness in your heart. I feel that you have truly let go right now, just for now, anything and everything that bothers you outside of those temple doors. And as I sit with you there on that chair that was so lovingly, and painstakingly made for this little body to sit on, I’m sitting there with you, and I look, and I see the desire is in each one of you to know the Truth, no matter how far away we seem. To experience love, even if it’s hard to accept and to give. So I ask you, please live your life as though tomorrow may never come. And I don’t say it with a dooming, I say it with sincere desire that you should want to live life fully, be careful with that, right now fully. Understand each moment, look into the eyes of the person whom you are sitting near, whom you are close to, or someone you don’t even know, and just desire to love them. Simply because you are you connect with them at some level. As we all are. We all have our faults, we all have our goodness, but more importantly, we are all made in the image of The One and that’s the truth. And we are all a precious being of joy in the ocean, in the vastness, and each and every drop matters, especially now.
Chant with me one round of the japa of Sah Ham. Three times. So make sure the body is straight, and the body is comfortable.

Sah Ham
Sah Ham
Sah Ham

The sun and planetary forces are very strong right now which means that the Guru Chakra, Jupiter, which aides you to the deepest meanings of life. This is in each of us, in each and every person, to feel and experience at many deep levels the understanding of the purpose of life, which is to know The Self. There are many beings that are not as fortunate as we are right now. May your prayers and your thoughts go to them. May you have at least thirty seconds in your day to send them, and to place all your energies into Spirit, and all the energies from our time right now. Now chant with me:

Om Mani Padma Hum

There isn’t any Guru that resides alone, none of you are capable of finding your way home alone. But, we are all capable of accepting. We need help remembering our True nature. So we must help each other, but first we must help ourselves. Acceptance of our own Guru gives us the ability to accept all of life as it is, exactly as it is with no expectations. At night when you’ve gone home and you lie asleep in your dreams, dreaming of sugar plums waiting for Santa to come visit you, remember , remember the magic in life, remember that spark. Remember that you are the wick and you were wise enough to search for Guru, to ignite the memory, the wisdom, the flame of truth within yourself, therefore you are wise enough to reach enlightenment, if we just remember to follow the path. Being a Bhakta isn’t always easy, but once you have faith in yourself securely, no one can change your heart in any direction other than that one purpose of The Absolute Truth. My blessings are with you and that blessing of all the ancestors through all of space and time immemorial are with you. Om shanti shanti shanti. Peace be with you in your hearts and souls. Namaste’

Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
December 2000

Corporal Punishment

 “This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me.” Physical discipline is widely accepted, highly approved of in our society. Slapping, hitting, spanking, pulling hair. The use of belts, switches from a tree, hair brushes, fists, hands, wooden spoons, the list is endless. The violence is overwhelmingly evident in the children of America.

We question, what has happened to our youth? Is it so difficult to recognize and accept the errors of our own violent thoughts and action? The answer is yes, it is easier to blame, accuse and label rather than accept the reality of our own inadequacies and change them. Therefore, we have devised such belief systems with appointed rationales to explain them away such as; the terrible twos, rationalizing that “all” two year olds are “brats” and selfishly throw fits and cause scenes to get their way.

From two on we label them with all kinds of psycho babble insisting that the child has a stubborn streak that must be broken, insisting that their will is too strong and they must learn who’s boss.Unfortunately, the way these personality tendencies are dealt with is through intimidation tactics: “wait until your father gets home” or “if you want mommy to love you stop what you’re doing”; manipulation: “this is going to hurt me more than it’s going to hurt you”, “if you weren’t bad I wouldn’t have to use the belt”; corporal punishment; the  father insists on “making a man” out of his son by punching him in the chest repeatedly. He labels his son a “sissy” if he can’t standup to the pain. The scenarios are endless.

The problems resulting from this violence, so called discipline, are evident in our delinquent children and the system we call mental healthcare. America is a fear based society that perpetuates the cycles of perpetrator/victim roles. The parents are living in the old belief system that ridicule and corporal punishment worked on them, so it will work on their children. Yet, as parents they use artificial means to kill the pain of their childhood, rather than accept the truth which is, children will respond to less violent means of discipline.

We as parents must be willing to be creative in our parenting. Even if it is difficult in these modern times due to the fast pace of the daily life style, which appears to be moving further away from human interaction, but it’s not impossible. We need the direct support of some who have been successful in parenting without violence. Parents need to learn acceptance rather than tolerance. Acceptance leads to patience and understanding. Tolerance may lead to suppression, eventually erupting in violence with its roots in fear and frustration repeating the cycle. How do we put a stop to this violence?


Statistically speaking, love seems to be a high priced commodity basically unattainable. Apparently we’ve been led to believe we haven’t been good enough to have earned it and are doomed to a life of punishment. Love is not an earned commodity. We are all born with the seed of love in our heart waiting for it to be nurtured and cultivated.


Truth can lead to acceptance of our own inadequacies as parents leaving room for growth and change in our own parenting. If we accept the truth of our own painful experiences of corporal punishment/violence how can we in turn inflict such harm on another human being?


Recognizing, accepting and understanding the habitual tendencies toward the violent punishment we portray as parents and as a society are not working. We can begin to choose the path of faith, faith in our ability to change, faith in the reality that we as parents can raise our children in a nonviolent way. We can encourage the attitude of oneness. We are all The Great Mothers’ children. Lets treat each other as we want to be treated. Otherwise, parents cannot complain when treated in kind by YOUR children. You as parents are responsible for TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN WELL. Mental impressions are planted seeds waiting to manifest given the right karmic moment, no matter the circumstances.


by: Swami Shubhrananda Psy.D.
Summer 1997

Is manmade god Accepting Of All??? No, for the bible & fundamentalists tell US so!!!

Goddess and Her God is accepting regardless of age, sex, color, or preference in ones’ life mate. Dogmatic religious organizations having creeds, demanding conformity, professing to know the One and Only truth and preaching with a convergent fervency that man made god is to be feared, lack or fail to observe and put forth the same acceptance.

I ask you, child of god, if we are told god loves us, god is love and further we need to put our trust in god for god is the everlasting hands of refuge we need to place ourselves in; Then how do we – Children of The One, surrender (renounce ourselves) to this hellish projection of supposed ultimate love? We don’t! Not willingly at least, with open heart and peaceful mind. We do, however, submit (comply, resign, conform) much I see in fear of NOT KNOWING GOD – Not knowing the truth. Perhaps we need to fear not knowing God, the precious light, the vital breath, the Divines presence within our very own true Self – The original Source, that, whose image we are born in, yet cannot see with these eyes filled with fear and forgetfulness. Yes! THAT’S IT – We all strive so diligently for the room to express our individual uniqueness and we scarcely know what that means let alone who that unique individual is – So quick  to conform for fear of facing hell; so quick to comply with concepts we do not fully understand or accept; and we cast damnation at all gods “other” children if they do not join in, with great scorn and a ferocious meanness against “them”. We set out in this mind set of fear based self righteousness, determined to bend and eventually break the spirits of gods developing children, be they one or 101, if they have not learned to fear god the way we do. Even those whom have worshiped and served Gods presence in nature and the human condition are damned to hell according to the doctrines and preaching of such religious organizations – Why? Because any other path leading to the ultimate love – Righteousness Itself is considered wrong or evil if it does not possess dogmatic tendencies of prejudice, being judgmental and the open un-acceptance (banishment) of all Gods other children. Children, I repeat, fear not knowing God, for to not know God is to live a life without compassion. Without compassion – which is, by the way, understanding and acceptance of all Gods creatures we cannot, we will not proceed by Gods will to the kingdom of Heaven that lies within. Gandhi said, “God is love and love is God”. I say, Fear not knowing That love – God. You see child, love knows no prejudice, no segregation, love just is. All other love is tainted with conditions – Human perceptions of the belief one is living the Word – But I know that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Goddess\God (SPIRIT & Elements in motion)

We are born of Goddess\God idea; that idea being pervasive love projected in (their) image – no more, no less, no change but ever unchanging love – Prem – Who are we to second guess in the name of mans’ made up God, and change the idea of Ultimate Preceptor to suit our selfish need to play God…..

Dr. Swami Shubhrananda
August 2001