Easter is an original Goddess custom, originates with The Goddess of spring, Eostre.

From the invention of the Christian patriarch and still to this day Christianity fears the people. To keep their fear in check, absolute control of body, mind and the economics is the means. The yoga of hierarchy rule. When people react to the severe repression, they are reminded their paranoia or weakening states of mind and body are due to their own sins. Still the Christian political rule feared the Pagan people so much that they patronized those who refused to stop their practice of the religion of The Goddess.

Where the temples of the matriarchal societies once stood, the patriarch built their churches and installed their images, allowing for a chosen few of the female images to remain. We see this active patronization still today, as it has continued on for aeons, they’re called missionaries. The patriarch moves in and conquers a whole culture by appearing to be kind and caring, bringing food and medicines in exchange for acceptance of Christ as ones’ personal savior. And if the people refuse, oh how they will suffer. Food just an arm length away, medicine that can cure your children’s ills and keep her from dying. Hence, the saying, “you don’t get something for nothing.”

Not only does the patriarch conquer and divide but, slowly, insidiously encroaches like a hungry animal with its prey. Only most animals don’t kill for the sport of it, like man. This insidious encroachment is how The Goddess rituals of expressing life and nature and Her seasons and changes were replaced with Christian symbology. Did you know the Pagan Anglo-Saxon calender was lunar divided into two seasons summer\winter until the christians insisted dividing it into four.

Just another typical dog and fire hydrant moment for mankind!!!

Have you not noticed every celebration, or we call them “Holidays”, have to do with Christ? This is not how it was and not how it is now. For thousands upon thousands of years before patriarchal rule The Goddess religion celebrated the winter solstice, now Christ-mass. The ritual of tree lighting and gift giving is a Goddess celebration. Even the old guy Santa Claus a man who showers children with gifts, stems from a Pagan custom of the Goddess religion. The winter solstice celebration was known as the wheel of the year when the sun moves back from the most Northern point. Even Easter is an original Goddess custom. It is the celebration of spring. Mother Earth and all Her creations move through the process of transformation, resurrection, rebirth. The season’s name originates with The Goddess of spring, Oestre. It is she who gives her name to the female Estrus cycle. The Easter eggs and those bunnies are actually symbols of fertility of The Goddess creating life. The worship of The Mother is in everything we do. Christianity could not get rid of Her. Those who worship nature, and The Mother’s presence in everything, revolted. They were fearless, they rose up against the patriarch and all those who had taken everything from them, from peace to possessions.

Any mothers that tell the true stories of stolen Pagan celebrations even while practicing tradition for the childrens’ sake knowing they will be bullied by others who have been raised by haters has provided the opportunity of possibilities for worldview! So BE It!!!

Seriously, a bunny that shoots eggs o\o its a**  or comes in @ night and hides all the hard boiled colored eggs left by the kidz which do you use as a traditional mindless lie. you were lied to, still are and you continue the lie. What about when money is an issue for the family? I have witnessed children told the bunny isn’t coming cuz they weren’t good. Is it their(the children) original sin that powers all christian reinvented celebrations which most parents are enablers of. Fear instilling power learned, perfected… Survivors cultivating victims on the linear time line of man; have we really chosen to deny the cycle of life !???

Jesus was not resurrected @ the Pagan symbology of renewal, the vernal equinox. The hare and egg symbology intrinsic to the celebration were folded into the christian farse  so they kept her name EASTER. The truth is undeniable, but hideously distorted.