Mother the Creator, Her children, living beings, procreate, mankind, IS the WOMD

If one had the notion then, one could trace back the foundation of the perverse, corrupt enthronement of man god the father. Many have done it. The corruption of the oldest religion, that of The Mother. Roman Christianity, having taken all of its so-called sacred analogies, law, beliefs, rituals, and symbology, yes even their prayers and reinvented them to be the creation of the father god. A way of life, created by man to successfully reinvent the whole matricentered way. This required the complete destruction of the very core of their existing way of life.

Kill The Mother and all evidence of Her as the matrix, conform( recruit by conversional force) innocent girls and boys. This of course included the destruction of all temples of worship to The Goddess; all means of sustenance, as the people of The Mother God religion were largely agriculturists, vegetarian, mainly a peaceful, non-aggressive, non-hierarchal, non-exploitive life. People of the world, I tell you it is the true nature of the people we have forgotten. It’s time to remember. True nature= Compassion, Love, Trust, Intelligence(not intellect), Cosmic and communal connection.

Kill The Priestess, kill the girl children who were being taught the ancient secrets to the mystery of life. Kill the feminine completely, except for those enslaved, keep them alive physically so not all men had to resort to necrophilia, just pedophilia, sodomy and every other pheel- ya, the man invented by “perversizing” natural spiritual sensual sexual expression of ourselves. And, sodomize, torture then kill the men who refuse to collaborate. Usually, this was a Shaman and this allowed some men to” see the error of their ways” and have the opportunity to join the Christian coalitional forces. Destroy all ideals, these were images of The Mother God, carved of wood, and clay, and painted on walls, and stones. All rituals and ritual objects, however they appear to be of their Christian faith, have their foundation in the religion of The Mother. All rituals and ritual objects, including the robes are just bastardized to suit the relevance of a father god and his hierarchy. Beginning with the cosmic egg and the snake, to the world tree, the svastika, right down to the cross itself, are all sacred symbology stolen and “pervisized” to suit the patriarchal power of dominance over life. Instead of viewing life in all of Her spiral or circular movement, our conformed view of life is linear, all cycles separated or annihilated. All in order to separate man from The Mother. Separate, devastate, alienate, annihilate, reform/conform then pro-create.  Worship of the moon and the water changed to worship of the sun and the invention of some sacrifice called, “the lambs of God”. The building of churches became square, completely sparse, surrounding grounds had no trees or flowers, the reinforcement of the new linear existence. The dancing circles of The Mother religion were again mentioned by Jesus. He said, “event the passion I reveal to thee and the others in the round dance, I would have to call it a mystery.” Now this he was supposed to have said in leading the twelve apostles in a hymn to the father god.  I think we could look closely and see clearly the alteration of truth.

In this time of killing, more a” mass genocide”, the ancient women actually chose very hideous torture and even death, instead of speaking of the ancient ways. I expounded on this subject in my teachings regarding past lives, for many of these beings are here in this time to facilitate the necessary changes in human consciousness.

Remember, the only thing that comes between two women is man.  Man does not accept a powerful feminine, however we have never gone away.  Unfortunately, many gave up becuz man will still attack, torture, rape and KILL first the Spirit of girls, warning them of “their place”. A woman with Power has suffered the path; a true warrior for all feminine kind.

Women lite up your psyche see documentary, “Miss Representation”. May it wake you up!

The bromance (PDMF’s) of the catholic church is not serving Humanity nor any christian off shoots that pridefully have to be separate. I know an orthodox catholic man who since my birth is a perpetrator\ with a skilled team of wife and sisters who enable and a woman\husband enabler team who live in fear of hell for they are reborn hypocrites. Like their leader they RUN from the truth, but cannot hide.

The pope left and the fall of male dominance continues, just as it should be.  Another perp will be chosen and the people have no say!?

The wisest choice would of course be a woman who has experienced the sexual prowess and\or sexual abuse of a child and is able to FEEL the pulse of life.

Jai MA


Full Moon symbolizes The Mothers’ Left Eye

Symbols were used by the ancients. They are powerful images succored with the human hearts and mind. In the Mother religion, the interconnected-ness of all of Mother’s creation was expressed through plants, animals, all of life.

Klan’s as well as individuals had totems. Totem means related through The Mother, the knowledge that we are not separate from The Mother or any other form of Her creation. The Great Spirit is alive in and through all of life. The Great Mother Herself continuously/simultaneously assuming all shapes and forms. All of life is the rhythmic dance in Her breath.

Did you know that Jesus said, “the whole on high hath part in our dancing. Who danceth not, knoweth not what cometh to pass.” This truth has its origin of words in the ancient pagan sacred cave dances. Did you know that his-story about evolution is not inclusive of evolving spiritually, understanding the true meaning of human existence and an interconnectedness of all cultures, because that is her-story oppressed and requires understanding the nature of humankind. Instead the western Christian patriarchy insists on evolving through technology, through what is called analysis based on man, indoctrined logic, reason, and deduction based on inserted ego and some undeniable facts; or just mere human intellect, repudiation of spiritual truths and let us not forget the process of his conventional mind, called reason/logic for each and every man becoming one now for this moment. Here is the insertion of relevant truth and as a result wala!, we have alienated ourselves from The One, disconnected from the very Source of life. Yet, the rhythmic dance continues, even in our lonely fragmented existence; love, interconnectedness, peace, memory, and vision have all atrophied in the projected confirming vibration of patriarchal religion, especially Roman Christianity, a manmade road of rules.

As long as you continue to follow nose to ass like cattle the linear LIE line of what you are told and you do not question you will remain ignorant by choice. See the documentary EARTHLINGS with your children so they too are educated. These truths were given to the children The Great Spirit intrusted this One with @ every young years. When we crossed the street I held out my finger, impressing in their consciousness hold to The Mother, no one in those cars is watching out 4 U! It only took a moment in time for TRUST is our bond. Teaching them the truth of the human condition, what appears to be authoritative is fear mongers here to oppress your vulnerable view of life yet U must learn to live in this world strengthen the pineal gland be fearless. Know that what U hear in school is NOT the truth, most important NEVER allow anyone to speak to or do to U anything Your Mother has not. Symbolism,nonverbal communication encouraged telapathic  attunement. Experience with severe abuse @ the start of this life by a predator pedophiliac who fathered me and EVIL enabling womb bearing mother symbolizes why I did not allow them to experience the fragile little flowers I was cultivating in this beautiful garden of life. NO contact! This is inclusive of now deceased mother of the predator of a sister and deceased abused brother and husband of the bio-mother. The present wife and sister of the predator, included.

Born fully enlightened, old,tiny, overflowing with Love, unloved, a mother to siblings(they agree.) Caucasians can be slaves too!

This Ones life work has been undoing the fear,confusion and affects of abuse esp. SEXUAL ABUSE of thousands of children,serving to reshape the character of victimized survivors.

An ashram is the place for the feminine reemergence of your true Self, lifting your consciousness, grow\develope study, be safe and abundantly LOVED !