Contemplative Offerings to heal YOU “THE FEMININE IS THE MEDICINE-AHIMSA”

It is from The Sacred Feminine that The FIRST trinity takes birth-Spirit, Mother & Child. The patriarchal perversion is father, son & holy ghost. The re-emergence of The Sacredness of The Feminine is The Medicine to heal the dis-ease of separation in the collective psyche. The serpent is the symbol of the rejuvenating power of  Mother Nature, symbolized thru the shedding of its skin. Knowledge of snake venom is known to be Healing & the Bringer of death of the physical body. For over 4,ooo years patriarchy has attempted to oppress, dominate, reject & even KILL the Primordial Feminine. The masculine force has suppressed Her thru forced conversion, deviant pretense, brutal terror, immobilizing fear using Her Love, beauty, grace, Truth, Peace, & Wisdom as WOMD against Her. NOT ANY MORE!!! Every act of violence(himsa) first exists in the mind. Lack of Ahimsa(NONviolence) is a drought man has convinced its ignorant self that must keep the world warring to attain. The Love in the Feminine nature is the teaching of the art of Peace.  Woman MUST Seek to understand and preserve Unity. Man is too stupid to realize IF he wants to destroy the entire Feminine Presence he’ll have to get over his homophobia & pretentious  preachings of his-story re:bestiality  “god forbid!” The very existence of humanity would not BE if not for The Feminine!  To continue to exist\survive under a power-over mandated separatist god the father dictatorship IS the bastardization of THE TRUTH of human existence, is it not!? The handful of men not in this sickness-HOW will you aid humanity?


Love & Peace, The Feminine


Ultimately, we all seek the very same thing.

The Great Mother not only creates the world but is the world itself, you see. Many may not believe it but, it is the power of mans’ relevant truth which has seen to it that this belief, this knowledge, this truth be suppressed.

We all seek the very same thing ultimately, that is to connect with the Divine eminent power that lies within each and every one of us. Yes, it is true that She has been neglected but She has not been forgotten for She is the power of transformation; therefore, all that has been forgotten will be remembered.

She weaves the cosmic web between all relationships, be they Mother and child, lover and beloved all children of Her in all places are interconnected. Her transformative energy is not finite although western religion dictates nature as definitive. If we were truly conscious of the sacred presence within we would perceive the infinite power in nature and we would realize things are not what they seem.

One Motherhood of God in many forms, the sacred feminine is the One source emanating Her personality through polytheism. Now be careful, be careful, I know that word frightens people simply because of religious heritage, because of the fear of damnation in accepting the potential truth of the word. It’s just a word, those who adhere adamantly to monotheism find this belief of one appearing as many to be quite primitive, uncivilized, so to speak. The assumption is that this belief proves that the believers of polytheism do not really know of God. Or worse, to stay in that belief would mean that they will never realize God, for they are, oh unintelligent. In fact those who agree there is only one source, one truth, one infinite power within all of life are keenly aware of this unifying pervasive energy in all of life.


Everything and everyone is of the sacred feminine.

I will start with what some call a deep preponderance, that is I will ask you to consider this: the female’s vaginal fluids are first off destructive to sperm which is Y, the Y chromosome. Therefore, once the fetus is growing in order to become a male, huge amounts of androgen must be produced. In eastern myths, we find the viral masculine one who is battling the dragon, which is of course female.

We see in everyday life similar battles on many levels. So my question to you is this, does the battle then first take place in the womb, where the development of the male fetus must battle for its own individual sexual identity? Or better yet, even before it becomes a fetus does the battle begin when the sperm fight their way to be the one to unite with the ovum and then the vaginal secretions fight to kill the sperm off in a vigilant battle to ensure the soon to be new life to be female?

I realize for some this may be a difficult discussion. I have no doubt that many may simply need to dispute what is being given here and I understand. As I know it to be somewhat, if not quite, threatening to our already in place knowledge gained through years of schooling and traditional teachings of westernized religion and of course what our mother and father taught us and what we have accepted as truth, going no further to seek answers to questions that may have arisen in our minds. But none the less, I find it very important that we at least journey in other directions so as not to remain limited, becoming apathetic, accepting only the limited views of a few without question.

I believe that from what I have seen particularly in our society it is unfortunate yet true that we have been conditioned to accept the knowledge that is given without question. For if we are not upcoming scientists in our own right, what right have we to question? Well, may it not remain so. A child will somewhat plague its mother with questions needing and wanting to know everything, this is good. I have seen some unfortunate results of such questioning of little ones. For I have seen weary mothers grow ever deaf to the voices and drumming of questions by inspired children in search of answers and eventually I see that the increasing deafness brings about a silencing in the child, which in turn creates a painful silence, a painful separation of mother and child. This should never be.

Everything and everyone is of the sacred feminine, in the sacred feminine. The sacred feminine within each and every one and every thing. I leave you with this. A great poet once said, “Things are not what they seem”. I say to you, She is our assurance of the truth of that statement.

Salutations to the Goddess who dwells in all things as peace, salutations again and again.


It is from the Sacred Feminine that the first trinity takes birth.

It is from the sacred feminine that I see the first trinity takes birth, mother, child, spirit. Mother and child remain in communion through spirit. It’s patriarchal perversion, father, son, and holy ghost. We have wounded the spirit through our separateness. The re-emergence of the sacredness of the feminine is the medicine to heal the disease of our collective psyche.

We have tangible irrefutable proof that more than 30,000 years ago the wisdom force Herself was worshiped in the many forms of the Goddess. We cannot deny it, except in effort to keep the oppressiveness of this truth deeply rooted by his-story. Archeology and science has noted human images dating as far back in history as 30,000 to 5,000 BCE, all predominately females depicting the full breasts, the fertile bellies and large round hips, all factual indication of our ancient ancestor’s reverence for the feminine as the one divine power nurturing, protecting, and sustaining them in their existence.

It was only about 4,000 years ago that patriarchy became the dominating power and rejection of the primordial feminine became the suppressing force.