Evil aims to Kill, to Kill Love and Truth

For every individual to understand apathy and the me, mine, narcissistic pathology to be the root of all suffering is my hope. For each individual to know the Truth of human evil would also require the knowledge of the sacredness of human life. This proposal is of course fear provoking in itself, for to actually recognize, accept and resist evil through knowledge gained and personal experience truly presents a danger to your individual psyche and therefore, is a huge threat to group evil maintenance.

The dangers of not knowing the Truth are far greater than knowing that you are in grave danger of remaining in ignorance, if you remain ignorant as to the presence of evil, that would seem like a far more threatening problem. You cannot conquer what you refuse to see as the enemy of your birthrite, happiness. Yet, I tell you to arm oneself in Truth with the most sincere love is surely to cause the spirit of evil to rear its ugly head with an even greater intensity.

Remember, those who are evil will not admit to their own imperfections. Therefore, they must project all imperfections outside of themselves onto others. The evil person is equipped with the knowledge of human weakness remember, for weapons in waging war against Truth. Evil aims to kill, to kill Love and Truth and will stop at nothing and will not give up or give in.

It distorts the principles at the foundation of every Strength. Do you understand that? Legion/evil are synonymous, with great success, right up until this very second and it will continue on. It convinces with ease the individual and group mind and heart that they are acting in righteous judgment, all the while set out to destroy the lives’ of others. That’s the hideous reality of it all. They have the power, to the degree unless of course, a more evil individual happens along, so to speak, and proceeds to toy with their, “their” meaning, the psychiatrists, the psychologists, self-righteousness as a client, I’m speaking of. The lackadaisical facade of being all knowledgeable is quite appealing to one who is masquerading as being in need of a little counsel. I think sometimes we get too comfortable hiding behind a piece of paper and a desk, this is unfortunate. So much for the “mental health system.”

Are YOU Aware of YOUR taskmasters???!!! Ego is the gate keeper…Are You Aware of that which is coming and going thru YOUR gate???!!!….

In Love and Truth, Task Master of Lite in this ocean of unconscious chaos


Is manmade god Accepting Of All??? No, for the bible & fundamentalists tell US so!!!

Goddess and Her God is accepting regardless of age, sex, color, or preference in ones’ life mate. Dogmatic religious organizations having creeds, demanding conformity, professing to know the One and Only truth and preaching with a convergent fervency that man made god is to be feared, lack or fail to observe and put forth the same acceptance.

I ask you, child of god, if we are told god loves us, god is love and further we need to put our trust in god for god is the everlasting hands of refuge we need to place ourselves in; Then how do we – Children of The One, surrender (renounce ourselves) to this hellish projection of supposed ultimate love? We don’t! Not willingly at least, with open heart and peaceful mind. We do, however, submit (comply, resign, conform) much I see in fear of NOT KNOWING GOD – Not knowing the truth. Perhaps we need to fear not knowing God, the precious light, the vital breath, the Divines presence within our very own true Self – The original Source, that, whose image we are born in, yet cannot see with these eyes filled with fear and forgetfulness. Yes! THAT’S IT – We all strive so diligently for the room to express our individual uniqueness and we scarcely know what that means let alone who that unique individual is – So quick  to conform for fear of facing hell; so quick to comply with concepts we do not fully understand or accept; and we cast damnation at all gods “other” children if they do not join in, with great scorn and a ferocious meanness against “them”. We set out in this mind set of fear based self righteousness, determined to bend and eventually break the spirits of gods developing children, be they one or 101, if they have not learned to fear god the way we do. Even those whom have worshiped and served Gods presence in nature and the human condition are damned to hell according to the doctrines and preaching of such religious organizations – Why? Because any other path leading to the ultimate love – Righteousness Itself is considered wrong or evil if it does not possess dogmatic tendencies of prejudice, being judgmental and the open un-acceptance (banishment) of all Gods other children. Children, I repeat, fear not knowing God, for to not know God is to live a life without compassion. Without compassion – which is, by the way, understanding and acceptance of all Gods creatures we cannot, we will not proceed by Gods will to the kingdom of Heaven that lies within. Gandhi said, “God is love and love is God”. I say, Fear not knowing That love – God. You see child, love knows no prejudice, no segregation, love just is. All other love is tainted with conditions – Human perceptions of the belief one is living the Word – But I know that in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Goddess\God (SPIRIT & Elements in motion)

We are born of Goddess\God idea; that idea being pervasive love projected in (their) image – no more, no less, no change but ever unchanging love – Prem – Who are we to second guess in the name of mans’ made up God, and change the idea of Ultimate Preceptor to suit our selfish need to play God…..

Dr. Swami Shubhrananda
August 2001

Is your integrity untainted?

We have the tendency to place a measure of worth on everything. We lack, therefore in our faith, we move away from our purity of heart if we’re not receiving what our ego tells us we deserve.

Self righteousness is used to determine the measurement of faith and love we put out and receive. Often this causes one to see their lack of character. Are we willing to be responsible for our own self-deception, our own proclivities? We say that’s what we want. In the tearing down and strengthening of character is one willing to instill the discipline? Will you take the medicine, will you do it right now? If I tell you to go towards something will you do it, or will you allow immediately the sticky binds of ego to be the end-determining factor in your actions.

It is hard to let Divine Mother be your thought. Because you won’t get what you want. It will create a reaction your most likely not ready for or understand thus old impressions take over and you perceive accordingly. When one knows Divine Mother is Self, they are not a thinker or a doer. Are we willing to be an instrument? Then we’ll have to rely on our untainted integrity, which is union with Divine Mother.

When we choose to perfect ourselves more, expansive things occur in our life. There isn’t anything we can’t do. It’s a matter of faith, and purity of heart. It’s a matter of our thoughts being guided by the purity of heart, not just a display.


When one is truly spiritually mature, anger is not an option.

Only through the eye of righteousness can any relationship be filled with spirituality, that of primordial energy, the fuel for the consciousness the lies in and between each being. Fearfulness must be abandoned. Laziness has its roots there. The cowardice being will never succeed in any relationship, for this is the very foundation of all self-righteousness.

What I have said to you can be applied in any relationship, and much of what has been said can be applied to any situation in a relationship. It’s always best when we introspect, when we analyze ourselves, when we are able to go within. It is not enough to simply recognize our faults. It is not enough to say even to the other in a relationship, I know that I have faults. But change, action must occur if it is in fact your faults that are in the way of harmoniously proceeding in the relationship. Do you follow me? This requires will, not willfulness. That again is self-righteous. Willfulness is the coward’s way out. Willfulness is filled with fear. Questions we need to ask ourselves: “Am I willing to relinquish my faults even at the expense of baring them to the other?” Oftentimes because we are such interconnected beings it helps to have the other, especially if there is support. Upliftment is what I refer to it as. It takes courage to reveal ones faults, but the one being revealed to must be someone who can be trusted, and even then problems can arise. There are no relationships that are problem free. We must grow up, mature. When one is truly spiritually mature, anger is not an option. Attempting to solve the problem is always in the forefront.

If the things that have been spoken of are anything that you recognize in yourself, the answer is you must change. There is no way out, there is no one else to blame, there is nothing else to be done or said, change. Are you willing to take yourself beyond your limitations? You see, we only deserve that which we have put forth. That which we have created is what we will reap. This is true, this is true.

Humility is believed or defined in the English language I believe quite differently, or other than what it really is. We worry about being humiliated when in fact to walk the path of life in humility allows us to see the true nature of existence. We are able to see nature at Her best, at Her perfection, and we are able to better understand the illusion that springs forth out of wrong concept, and misperception, and distortion of Her Truth, you see.


The counsel that is given for the sake of family unity is muddied with a patriarchal hogwash.

I tell you modern society, especially fundamentalist religions, and fundamentalist counsel, have taken it too far. The counsel that is given for the sake of family unity is muddied with a patriarchal hogwash. Again, this brings us back to the 50/50, to the woman doing what she should do and shut up about it, to the man believing that he should be the one to designate or demand what should be done, and how it should be done, and listen to him. Hogwash. This too is so with western psychology, and the results of such an astonishingly, incredible self-indulgent type relationship are very painful to watch. The woman retaliates in an attempt to pay back at the expense of their own integrity more often rather than accepting that they need not buy into the self-righteousness. This is simply a way of survival, not a good way to live. Instead, perhaps after exhausting all attempts to better a relationship perhaps she or even the other, the male energy, should realize that only the individual can change, you see. Sometimes I have seen that it is best that two people not continue on in the way that they’re going. Maybe it is best that they move in their own direction in life. Find the beauty in living it is there, without rage, without resentment, without the carrying on of self-indulgent tendencies. You see, at this point one may feel so self-righteous in that now, they need to make up for lost time. Often the thinking is something along the lines that they deserve better, and they’re going to find it. In this self-righteous thinking pattern do you know what happens next? The person goes out and lures another into this web of self-righteousness. This self-righteous road to hell continues.

Now, I’m not saying always that the person is consciously going out and looking to hurt another. But can you follow the pattern of the self-righteousness when I say they go out and lure another into the web of this self-righteous road to hell? It’s all about me, I, mine, what I need, what I want, what I should have and I will find to fulfill that void in me that I deserve, you see.

I see what often happens, either, if two people are trying to work through the problems of the relationship, or two people have decided to walk their individual paths and their trying to break away from one another so to speak, and remain what we call civil. This is a crossroad, and this is a perfect place of opportunity to learn humility, rather than self-righteous indulgence. More often than not, the latter is taken, but the possibility of learning from the past is present at this point. There are what we call good times, and not so good times. More often in this type of relationship of spouses the bad times are at the forefront of the memory. But, I say to you this, perhaps the sweet memories remain, and the essence of Truth that lies in the heart and bleeds through is all that can be mustered after the passion dies. Hopefully, out of the pain of sweet memory emerges a humility which is held in the heart and nurtures the being. Much like a leaf holding rainwater slowly dripping into a hole in the rock where a pool is formed for the butterfly to sip from and gather strength so that it can go on. Now, one may have the opportunity to live the righteous life if that is how it would be.


A relationship of spouses need be 80/20 at all times.

Namaste. I will be speaking of self-righteous and righteousness, and I hope this will be helpful, and perhaps give you some insight into your own life, and how it is you go about yourself particularly with other sentient beings.

The self-righteousness one glows at the apex of its own accomplishment. I want to begin by asking this, Do you believe that there can be a righteous spousal relationship? Absolutely, absolutely there can be. How so? By not doing that nasty cliché of playing the game. I tell you do not participate in the stereotypes. This will allow for the nature of each person to do what it does, by that very nature of existence. The very nature of such a relationship, that of the spousal relationship, is to uplift the other at all times, to listen to one another intently, I say with the ears in each cell of the body. That’s true listening, righteously speaking. Look at the spouse with the eye of love as often as you can. Not just the eyes of limited perceptions, expecting at any moment to find a fault or faults. It is true Jesus’s words of “turn the other cheek.” This should be practiced in the relationship. When you as a spouse touch the one that you love, it need always be with benevolence. As I speak these words to you I know without a doubt there is always the literal-minded one who takes these words, and well, like “turn the other cheek”, and does what their self-righteous self chooses with it. Do you understand?

In relationship with one another a great deal of listening need occur. Now, our ears are not sufficient enough for the listening that I speak to you of. Listening requires a great deal of self-silencing. There is nothing self-aggrandizing, self-indulging, or selfish about self-quieting in order to hear. Hear the cords of vibration that are being played at the level of subtlety in the spouse. Now, this is actually occurring at the spinal level, I say. Oh, I realize this is requiring some realization on your part as I speak, but what else have you to do but close your eyes and listen. Pay attention, listen. As you listen to that one, you will actually hear the inner sighs of a difficult day without the physical sighs being necessary. You will actually hear I love you, and it doesn’t need to always be spoken, although, it is quite wonderful to hear, I realize that. You will hear the, “I need you”, without it needing to be spoken.

A relationship of spouses need be 80/20 at all times. That’s just the way it is. Oh, I’ve had people argue back with me in counsel and say, “Wait a minute in all the self-help books that I’ve read, and the other counselor that we’ve gone to, we learned that a relationship is to be 50/50 and that’s that.” Now, what does that say to you? It says everything about what I am attempting to move you away from, so that you can see clearly the Truth. That “50/50” thing is the whole thing I’ve been telling you about self-righteousness: staying up with, being even, I do as much as you, you should do as much me, I put in a lot of effort in this relationship, and you should also. Now, I may be wrong here, but I have also said that a relationship of this nature need not be as difficult as we make it. It need not have so much effort put forth that it is tiring, because this fatigue brings up the nit picky, fault finding. This fatigue brings up resentment. This fatigue brings up anger. This fatigue brings up resignation. This is not a relationship of love. This is a self-righteous relationship.


The female energy is the nurturer, provider of support. The male energy is the protector, the provider, the strength.

In the list of relationships that I mentioned earlier I also mentioned spousal relationships. Here I need to make mention that some of the worst acts of self-righteousness occur in this type of relationship. Self-righteousness created in the minds of distant past kept alive, sustained in the desires of the heart for use some place in time only to begin to be dissolved in the heart and the mind in one or the other, if one is willing to step out of the web of neurosis, thereby tearing a tightly woven thread of illusion keeping the nefarious darkness in, and shed the light of Truth on an otherwise seemingly incurable disease of humanity.

Come in here with me, where the light is bright, and the truth is clear. You may not like what will be said. Perhaps you’re only here to listen.

The enslavement of women is the oldest slavery in the existence of humankind. There is no doubt about this, this is a fact. Certainly this will be heard with each and every one of you in your own ear of individual perception. That’s to be understood, but unacceptable in the big picture, so to speak. In eastern psychology we know that we are born, die, and are reborn or reincarnated. We have been many things. Therefore, we have been both female and male beings. Yet, right here and now we cannot even conceive of the ways of thinking, and being, and acting like the other, or as they say the opposite sex, with the exception, I will say to you, of what we would not want to be, or not want to have, or do with regard to the other. Do you understand? Yes, we are speaking of self-righteousness.

I must balance the heaviness of the unfortunate truth and tell you that the women, the female energy, the primordial force, we say in yoga, has been and is revered for its sacredness. First, let us remember that Jesus himself revered womankind. Gandhiji spoke often of the malevolence with which women were thought and spoken of, let alone treated. In the most ancient eastern teachings the Goddess was worshipped. The Mother is known to be the first Guru of the child. The woman is the nurturer. She does all the religious ceremonies at the home altar, the prayers, the offerings. The father, the male energy is the protector, the provider, the strength, the example, a foundation for the structure to be built. The woman is the provider of support for that tapestry to unfold. The tapestry of family, each individual, and collectively. In our modern societies this concept is quite different, would you not say? In western society 99.9% unheard of actually, and hear me well, both male and female have participated in this extinction, that’s true. The male has participated in this extinction through possessiveness, ownership, controlling, power over, coercion, oppression, suppression, and the belittlement of the female’s being, yet, ironically cannot function without the feminine presence. Oh yes, this is true.

The woman has participated in this extinction with the fears of not being the one that a male would want to own or posses, all the while, wanting a powerful presence, and willing to weaken their own character, and diminish their own integrity to do so. When, I will tell you what they really want is  the protection I spoke of, the strength, a foundation from which to weave the tapestry of family. Do you understand? A place where she can build the home life. And then there is the passiveness, the submission, of course done in anger, resentfulness, and even the lessening of the integrity more by living up to the belittlement and playing stupid. Do you follow me? Have you seen it? Have you lived it? Are you living it now? This is all done in self-righteousness, self-indulgence, selfishness. It’s all gone amuck all the self-righteousness at its glowing apex of accomplishment. Oh yes, yes indeed.

It is simply understanding, recognizing, and accepting. This is just the way of the human nature, that’s all.

I do hope that you will consider all that has been said.  Please accept my blessings.


Rulers are self-righteous.

Difficult it is at times for me to speak with you about the downtrodden way of human existence, only because I might rather speak to you about the Love and the Beauty and the Truth behind all the illusion.

Truths are streaming from the consciousness within me and the energy with which I speak to you about the nature of being human, and how it is that we can overcome some of those limitations of our own humanness.

Righteousness and self-righteousness, well, righteousness is said to be virtuousness, or at times even called godly, if you will, morally good. Or a righteous being is said to be a being who attempts to live by the true morals.

The self-righteous being of course is something quite different. I’d like to start with you about telling you that I think that the path of the self-righteous is quite obvious. Only because there are so many of us living in self-righteousness that it’s quite apparent. But, I will say to you that because there is so much self-righteousness that people fall into line like cattle and living in that way, and it is not so apparent to most people. It’s considered a way of life. It’s even acceptable. The thoughts and the actions of such a priggish individual do not take into their lives the thoughts of others unless the priggish being denotes even the slightest element of personal gain.

Think of it, we, right now, must be certain as to our understanding. I want you to be certain as to your understanding of self-righteousness in our judgment of such a being, all right. I didn’t say judgmentally, I said just judgment, which we all need to have good judgment. I say judgment, because I believe that every human being could take what I am saying on good and bad judgment. Now, you may call it an opinion of mine if you’d like, but I will say to you that it is a judgment based on pure perception and knowledge. Together the ultimate definition of pure perception and knowledge is wisdom, wisdom. That is something the charlatan can never claim. Truth and Love are not foreign to this ostentatious pretense of a person, the self-righteous being that we’re speaking of. However, Truth and Love are bound up egotistically to the individual’s heart by the many thousands of threads called conceit.

It is quite interesting to me to see the many beings who are so tightly bound up in self-aggrandizement posing as pious leaders. Remember, we spoke in the beginning that righteousness was virtuous or pious we might say. I realize that by speaking about the pious leaders you may feel, oh we’re stepping out of our talk together here about self-righteousness, because it immediately jumps to large-scale. Many of you may say, “Well that’s out of my hands. There’s nothing I can do about that. That’s the hierarchy of the world leaders. What does that actually have to do with us as individuals, what can we possibly do about that?” I will tell you that there is nothing that you can really do to change another, only yourself.

First you may want to begin to introspect as you read this. Self analyze, go deeply into that short concise definition of the self-righteous that was given to you in the beginning. Ask the question, What is the binding link of the self righteous being? I will tell you that it is “I”, “mine”, and I and mine are all in the mind. It’s all about self interest. The concept of win, or gain power at all cost. This is the matter concerning the self-righteous individual, or peoples. It is not in the thinking process of the righteous being. Rulers are self-righteous.


Why do the religions compete to be the only way?

Very good question. As I mentioned previously, exclusive religion, this is a competitive system based in a self-righteousness needing a hierarchy to reign over all else.

The history of mankind has proven that it thrives on dominance. Therefore, there must always be a winner and a loser. We are beings of free will. The problem is we do not understand the true meaning or use of free will.

Religion has been made into organizations, institutions, these organizational institutions dictate the lives that they rule. People allow this by living a passive existence. Not taking responsibility for our own spiritual growth creates a wrote-ness in life. We all want to be right, no one wants to be wrong, we all want to fit in somehow, somewhere. I think one of the most problematic conditions of human existence is that, human beings are willing to adapt to just about anything, any situation, any rules even when they know they’re not right.

People will adapt to what best fits their needs, their concepts, and their beliefs, and without question at all will eagerly become a part of an organization or institution, a competitive force to be right. Joining in with that collective consciousness in a race, a battle for first place. In this case that I’m speaking of just for a moment close your eyes and imagine masses of people racing forward to be seen as the best, the most worthy in the eye of their god. It’s a rather sad thing to imagine but, it is a reality. People would rather live in this way than to fight the battle of ignorance within their own self in order to attain the knowledge of Truth. Which would make everyone a winner, would it not?



Why are there so many religions?

Religions are man-made. Spirituality is a way of life. The many religions of the world were formed in order to meet the different concepts of God, and the beliefs surrounding them. The One Universal religion of many thousands of years ago is The Religion of The Goddess, the worship of Divine Mother. A spiritual path of all inclusiveness meaning, all of nature Her Self was known to be sacred and therefore, revered.

A mother is the giver of life, all accepting, nurturing, comforting, wrathful at times when the child strays to far a way, and the dissolver of our ignorance.

Mankind sees itself in a constant struggle for power. This battle for hierarchy over time lead to the attempted destruction of the one means to truth, Absolute Knowledge. In mankind’s quest for power they must kill, or destroy all they believe to be a threat, or the enemy to the, what I call, throne of self-righteousness, so to speak. To conquer requires having rulers. To lead is to teach, gently guide. To rule requires the use of coercion, fear tactics. To lead requires knowledge of the truth, patience, repetitious teaching.

The different religions formed over time as human beings formulated their own truth, means and methods about God, each group of human beings deciding their religious path to be right, and in turn making all other paths wrong. Again, vying for power to reign supreme. Ramakrishna once said, “As many paths as there are people.”

Karmically speaking, we say each persons path is right for them in the life they’re living. The problem with this is many people are not content in their religion, and they feel the need to convert others to their beliefs. The western concept of, more is better, is at work here. I think, I see it sometimes as the quality of ones religious life is not as important as gathering numbers so that we say that we all have belief which makes that belief system right. We can’t join them, meaning, all people of all beliefs so we’ll beat them, this is how I see it. I know that’s not the cliché you were taught, or your used to hearing but, that’s how it looks to me.

If we cannot live in harmony with one another then we will coerce, convert others to our side, in any way we can. Out of each group of separate consciousness, relevant truth or opinions came about. To make these relevant truths binding, the ones in power invented rules, fundamental dogmatic views for the people to live their lives by, and then set out to enforce these rules through any means of conversion. Therefore, we have what is termed “holy wars”. Each side firmly planted in the belief that their religion is the religion of God, it’s Gods way. So, that of course would mean each having to prove so, how that their religion is the only religion.

With Absolute Knowledge forgotten, and scholarly knowledge replacing it we descend in our consciousness, we stoop to lower ways of existence, more animalistic ways of living life. There are elements of truth in all religions. As all religions were invented from The One Universal religion, that of The Mother.

Acceptance of one another’s beliefs, and the different paths of faith, without violence of our thoughts, deeds, or actions as we follow our own path of God Realization would be the best religion in these modern times. Pure perception based in Absolute Knowledge allows for growth of the human spirit of all individuals. Spiritual attainment is for everyone, not just a few chosen ones. God didn’t point his finger, so speak, and say, “You, and you are my messengers”, no, instead the Soul is the light of God within all of us. Spiritual Realization is not an exclusive thing. It has to do with the embracing of all of life.