The Power of The Great Mother is the COMMAND of Life seen in Womans’ month of March\Spring

To live in true peace and harmony the terrorization of patriarchal rule will have to completely dissolve, the male dominance and the pretend celibate hierarchy, the social pyramids, all must go.

Laughing, you are most likely, it almost seems laughable but, it is seriously a reality that must be realized. We see the power of The Mother reemerge, as the truth of all the sexually abusive priests is revealed. Many women coming forward about military rapes, college rapes, incest, non-consentual forced sex no matter what establishment or institution, meaning home, work, socializing catholic\christian schools boarding or not. Job applications often require oral sex @ least if you want the job as a women.

Now, this is not a new thing, this whole process that we have seen come about in the past year or so is nothing new, just the outcry of its hideous absurdity of the absolute heresy of it, the incredible delusion of the patriarchal religio\social economic beliefs. Beliefs are deadly, for they are fuel for the twisted abuses suffered in the psyche manifested in the psyche. Beliefs serve rational, reason and logic, worse is the karma that gives birth to individual\collective action\re-action due to A belief which collectively becomes a system of like minds filled with fear of “the other”= duality-either\or= war. KNOWING is the higher octave, but even so what one karmically does with KNOWING will either enhance life or serve to create more ignorance. CHOICE

The longstanding lies since the advent of Christian rule is the age-old problem that we have been addressing all along in this teaching. Always the same, an attempt to have power over spirit, the method first, use it, secondly, abuse it lastly, kill it. The bible story, mans’ invention and thus far religious political ticket to power so undeniably in need of being  recognized for what it is, a lie, or GREAT LIE. A self-righteous means to grotesquely doom humanity through oppression known as gods’ will.

Evidently man is not succeeding, the reemergence of The Feminine is vibrant\palpable. Fearless, She wields Her sword of Truth with command of wisdom\justice Knowing exactly what need be manifested. Spring forth slashing the illusional indoctrination of linear lies. Let your instinctual innate intelligence guide you, not the intellect of books filled with mans lies. Listen to Mother Earth Her moans are undeniable. SHE has persevered mans assaults and continued to feed you, you even kill for sport and proudly wear-let alone eat the dead bodies of your ancestors w\o a blink. THINK-FEEL WOMAN WAKE UP!!!

Walk in the path of the Ancient Wise Crones Let it be so! JAI MA